Who can trade with SureTrader?

Swiss America Securities, Ltd, is located and licensed as a broker-dealer in the Bahamas, and it owns suretrader.com (collectively “Sure Trader”) and therefore is regulated by the laws of the Bahamas.

Only the following persons, companies or entities can open a Sure Trader account to trade U.S. Securities and Foreign Securities:

  • Persons outside the U.S.
  • Trusts outside the U.S.
  • Companies outside the U.S. such as a U.K. company.

For example, a UK company can be owned by a person holding shares in such entity, under UK law. It can have one shareholder who also acts as a director. UK Sareholders; Register-a-U.K. company-online

Per U.S. law, U.S. citizens living/resident outside the U.S. can trade either U.S. or Foreign securities with SureTrader.

Please be aware that the U.S. Securities Exchange Acts and the SEC rules and regulations are complex and are meant to protect U.S. persons, and can be very confusing. This information is not meant to be legal advice or tax advice or investment advice-please seek out professional advice as to your particular circumstances or the formation of any foreign company, particularly since this information and this website is not intended for U.S. persons.

*These are the policies of Swiss America Securities, Ltd which can change at any time, some exemptions maybe made in special circumstance.