What is the Margin Call Fee?

Traders are able to hold overnight positions of up to 2 times the amount of their equity on marginable stocks. Any overnight position that exceeds this limit, regardless of degree, will incur a $25 fee per day. 

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Graeme Tue, 5th Jun 2018 8:30am

But this does not explain why my overnight BP is 34% LESS than my equity. My equity is 8,464 and my overnight is 5,606 - Why please?

My total cash investment in positions is 7,084 and only 84% of my equity. The long value is shown as 6,201 which reflects the actual current value of my holding but the trading screen does not show this value as the market has not yet opened and the position is mainly in options.

Will the overnight BP increase at market opening?

Please let me have an explanation as I need to know what to do and how much I can trade.

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