What is the difference between basic level 2 data and NASDAQ Level 2?

The basic level 2 provides Regional Quotes and market depth data for NYSE and AMEX stocks while the Nasdaq Level 2 (Total View) provides market depth for all Nasdaq traded stocks.

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Simon Holland Fri, 1st Jun 2018 7:24am

Do the charts present all trades or just the basic level 2 if not subscribed to Nasdaq total view?

Alexander Rebano Mon, 4th Jun 2018 4:11am

I am opening a suretrader account and I dont know which one should I choose, which one is better regional qoutes or nasdaq total view? do i need both or any of those two is fine?

matt Sun, 4th Nov 2018 10:59pm

Depends on your style of trading, if order flow and depth of market are a key element to your particular style then definitely total view is the way to go. basically you either A. LEVEL 2 you only see part of the market hence only regional quotes or B. NASDAQ total view and see the whole market. So seeing all orders is more beneficial then only seeing some. So more so for day traders if you're more into longer time frame trades its not as crucial.

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