Stop & Stop Limits

Stop order: A trade sent to market at a price other than the current market price. You are requesting the order be filled only when it reaches your stop price.

Note: when your stop price is triggered a market order is sent to the exchange. Exchanges have different criteria when triggering a stop price. Some exchanges use the last trade price, while others use the bid/ask method – a matching bid (ask) will trigger your stop sell (buy) order.

Stop limits: When a stop limit is triggered, it is sent to the market as a limit order, as per the limit setup. When buying (selling) U.S. stocks, the limit must be equal or higher (lower) than the stop. For Canadian stocks, the limit price must be equal to the stop price.

Trailing stop: These orders are trailing stops that adjust as the stock price moves. When entering the stop, enter the trailing amount not the desired price.