How does Range Order works?

This feature allows you to set a stop and target price simultaneously.  If either order is triggered the other is immediately canceled. If for example you have a long position, you may use the Range Order to place a sell order above the current market (Target Price) and a sell order below the current market (stop order). If the market price goes up to the target price your stop order will be immediately canceled. The same rules apply if the price were to drop, in that case the sell stop order would be triggered and the sell order would be automatically canceled.   All orders for execution using the Ranger Order are market orders.

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Wesley Cramer Fri, 13th Jul 2018 7:06am

I have a question about range orders.

For example if i set a stop buy order at 5.00.
The order has not yet been filled.
Can i already put in a range order with a stop sell at 4.50 and a stop sell at 6.00?

Or do i have to wait to get filled before putting in a range order?

Thank you!

Calum Tue, 31st Jul 2018 4:58am

Yes if the above question could be answered, that would be grealty appreciated as I had the same question needing to be answered.

Thanks Calum

Rob Fri, 21st Dec 2018 11:47pm

Can I place my stop range order by placing my percentage that is much faster to execute for my low and high?

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